On this photo : Hard Maple, Whistler, Edge
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Maple, both majestic and versatile, offers excellent manufacturing properties. This wood features a closed and uniform grain, and its annual growth rings remain fairly visible.

Grey-whites are the latest trend in design. A bold choice for bold tastes.

The EDGE texture features the look of a well worn floor, with years of life built in to it, combined with the reliability of a modern flooring product.

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SKU Collection Appearance Width Thickness
A9-1RB7-3QF-005 Inspiration Variation with knots 5 3/16" (131 mm) 5/8" (16.00 mm) Détails >
A9-1RQ7-3QF-005 Inspiration Variation with knots 7 3/16" (182 mm) 5/8" (16.00 mm) Détails >
M2-1R97-3QF-005 Inspiration Variation with knots 7 1/8 XL" (181 mm) ¾ " (19.00 mm) Détails >
M2-1RP7-3QF-005 Inspiration Variation with knots 5 1/8" (130 mm) ¾ " (19.00 mm) Détails >


Traditional solid wood floor that can be installed on main and upper floors.
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SKU Collection Appearance Width Thickness
N1-1R57-3QF-005 Inspiration Variation with knots 5" (127 mm) ¾ " (19.00 mm) Détails >

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    Confident that its hardwood floors are in a league of their own, Preverco does not hesitate to provide them with exceptional protection: a 35-year warranty on all residential flooring covered with the Sigma™ finish.

Why Choose Woods?

  • If you love charm, tradition, rich colours and varied patterns, then wood is the perfect choice for your home. There’s no better way to inspire your home decor.

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