Choose from a range of wood species.

  • The natural colours of yellow birch lend it unique charm. Yellow birch has a grain that is similar to maple‚Äôs and is highly sought after in furniture and flooring.

  • Maple, both majestic and versatile, offers excellent manufacturing properties. This wood features a closed and uniform grain, and its annual growth rings remain fairly visible.

  • Red oak, recognized for generations for its hardness and shock resistance, exudes charm with its unique, open and coarse grain, and its spectacular motifs.

  • Walnut has a fine, mostly straight grain that sometimes displays attractive and decorative figures. This species can be treated to achieve a specific and unique character.

  • Ash, with its exceptional hardness, boasts superior characteristics compared to other hardwood species. It is straight-grained with highly visible annual growth rings.

  • Fine and even wood grain specy, displaying colours from creamy white to light pinky brown.

  • This species has a special texture whose knots further accentuate its natural charm. Hickory is strong, resistant and durable, offering qualities that are simply not available in other wood species.

  • White oak stands out for its resistance and beauty. The radial cut brings out the linear appearance of the wood grain and creates a streamlined, trendy decor.

  • White oak stands out for its resistance and beauty. Its annual growth rings produce a cathedral pattern, which is highly prized by architects and designers alike.

  • With its rich colour, this species hints at mahogany and adds an exotic touch. Its fine and durable grain make it a preferred choice for floor coverings.