Adapted to your Lifestyle

Whether you are looking for a floor for the children’s playroom or for the master bedroom, you will find a product that meets your needs. Our floors are specially designed for modern living.

Time spent with family is precious. For many families, the kitchen is the number one place to spend time together—it’s where we talk, catch up, and enjoy being around the people we love. Preverco understands that for today’s families, the kitchen has to be a warm and friendly space. That’s why the Simard family, pictured above, opted for maple floors in their kitchen. This species of wood provides the kind of warmth that’s perfect for a family dinner.

Philippe is a boy with too much energy. He leaves a trail of destruction as he moves around the house. That’s why his parents chose a Preverco Engenius product for their basement floors. Now they can combine a classy hardwood look with enough strength to withstand Hurricane Philippe.

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