About Us
About Us


Since its inception in 1988, Preverco has experienced extraordinary growth, driven by technological innovation and impeccable product quality. Our mission was clear: breathe new life into the wood flooring market.

Preverco plant 1988-2003

Today, we are proud to be counted as an industry leader. Beyond offering competitive products, we’re pushing the envelope and influencing future trends. In a sense, we’re like the wood itself: a living material that evolves and adapts over time.

Preverco head office plant 2014

This remarkable growth is a result of constant efforts to refine our production techniques. Our exclusive wood drying process, precision milling and extremely durable stains and polymers enhance the natural beauty of our extensive product line, while offering unmatched quality and wear resistance. Today, Preverco is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring.


Factory's tour

Discover a few of our employees during a few of the manufacturing steps of your Preverco floor. 

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