We raise the bar in hardwood floor protection

Your hardwood floor carries you day in, day out. That’s why you want to eliminate the annoying sounds of footfalls and other noises. What’s more, you want to make sure that your hardwood floor is protected from nasty moisture, bacteria and mold. 

Preverco’s SoundLoc 2.0 acoustic underlayment with vapour barrier and PreVap vapour barrier underlayment provide an even and comfortable flooring installation so that you can enjoy the sound of silence and extend your floor’s useful life.


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FIIC = 62-66

Easy and fast to install, you’ll feel like you are walking on a nailed down ¾ in. floor. Developed for superior sound insulation, the SoundLoc 2.0’s inert material that does not contribute to the development of bacteria and mold.

  • Thickness: 2,2 mm (0,086 in)
  • Roll size: 68,50 cm x 10 m (27″ x 33ʹ)
  • Coverage: 6,97 m2 (75 sq.ft.)
  • 42 rolls per pallet
  • 29 kg (64 lb) per roll

Very easy to install and with less hassle than felt paper, the Prevap helps reduce typical subfloor moisture problems.

  • Roll size: 36″ x 250ʹ
  • Coverage: 750 sq.ft.
  • 42 rolls per pallet
  • 28 lb per roll

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