Shopping with the help of "augmented reality"

We understand that choosing a hardwood floor is not an easy process. There are so many options available on the market! Knowing that once installed, your choice of flooring will be with you for at least two decades, it's important that your decision be based on your specific needs and that whatever you choose will fit well your decor... All this can be a little overwhelming right?

To take some of the pressure off your shoulders, we offer the option of viewing dozens of wood floors directly in your own decor from the comfort of your home. This is now possible thanks to the "augmented reality" technology available using our iPad® application. (it's magical isn't it...)

With an iPad in hand, go the App Store® and type "Preverco" in the search window (will not appear if using an iPhone®). Then simply download the app free of charge and you'll have full access to our entire product catalogue.

We have a set of filters in place to help narrow your search and direct you toward the products that really meet your specific needs. It's possible to search using the following criteria:

                 COLOUR GROUP              WOOD SPECIES               Collection 


              • Texture
              • Appearance
              • Finish

Test the virtual samples in your own surroundings by using our unique "augmented reality" technology. In just a few simple steps, you will be able to see all the Preverco products you like in real time on your iPad®.

  1. Print the target. This photo is used by the application as a marker showing where the sample would be placed.
  2. Select a product and activate the "augmented reality" mode by tapping on the following icon:
  3. Place the target on the surface to be covered (the floor would be the most common but you can also use a wall or any other surface).
  4. Point your iPad® camera towards the target and get close enough for the sample to appear.
  5. You can then adjust the virtual sample to fit your space (note that samples measure 40"x40". The same sample will be repeated if you are viewing a larger area).

Using the "augmented reality", it's possible to take photos of the samples in your decor with the camera icon. Each photo you take will be saved in your photo album. To help you with your final selection, you can browse quickly through your choices and compare them.

Whatever you like can be saved and added to your list of favourites by clicking the heart iconon the product page. This will allow you to look at all the products that caught your eye at a glance. You can then share your favourites by email, SMS or social media with your friends and family to get their feedback (their opinion can really help in the decision-making).

In this section, you'll also have the option of ordering a sample (add a maximum of five (5) free samples to the same order so that you pay only one delivery charge). This will allow you to properly validate the product color and confirm your choice!


Make sure you have all the necessary information (click here for a complete guide) and find the retailer(s) near you to speak with one of our experienced sales people in order to confirm your choice!

Note: iPad®, iPhone® and App Store® are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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