Cleaning and maintenance products
Cleaning and maintenance products

Clean easy. Maintain it easy. Rest easy.

You want your hardwood floor looking its very best for the long run. But you also want a fast and easy way to clean and maintain your wood flooring. 

With Preverco, you’ve got an ace up your sleeve.

Our ahead-of-the-curve cleaning and maintenance products are perfect for preserving the original look of your Preverco hardwood floors. Specially designed for wood and 100% biodegradable, these products allow you to keep your floors ready for any unexpected beauty shot!

Preverco maintenance kit

Preverco Cleaning Kit

Preverco mop replacement cover

Preverco Mop Replacement cover

Preverco cleaner

Preverco Cleaner

Hardwood floor stains 

Our stains are specially designed so that the components of your decor (steps, ramps, cabinets, etc.) match the colour of your floor. One litre covers 150 sq.ft. We strongly recommend you check with your local retailer for an exact colour match and best results. Our stains are aimed to coordinate other wood elements of your decor with our floors. Use only on small areas. We cannot guarantee results or perfect match since all wood species are different and it is impossible to exactly replicate our manufacturing process at home.

PreOil Preverco


For quick touch-ups on minor scratches on your hardwood floor, Preverco makes its mark with quality touch-up pens that allow you to make discreet improvements. 

Touch-up pen marker


For touch-ups on minor scratches. The wax—heated through friction during application—will fill in any scratch. Not recommended in high traffic areas.

Fil Stik pen Wax

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