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Hard Maple

Colour  Vail Texture  Edge

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IMPORTANT! Because every computer screen is different and wood is a natural product, the nuances in colour may vary. Please refer to our Appearances Guide to see an enlarged view of this hardwood floor product. We also recommend to visit a nearby authorized Preverco dealer to see a real sample. After all, we want you to be completely satisfied with your hardwood floor!
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    Hard Maple
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Maple, both majestic and versatile, offers excellent manufacturing properties. This wood features a closed and uniform grain, and its annual growth rings remain fairly visible. 

Warm and authentic, older wood flooring has an unmatched, timeless quality. Thanks to our exclusive manufacturing process, we can recreate the look of a well-worn wood floor with a history—all while offering the reliability of a modern hardwood floor. Our Edge texture is the epitome of rustic-chic.

This product have a unique PreOil finish

Made essentially with natural oils, our oiled matte finish (PREOIL) has been specially formulated to create a highly uniform look and ensure deep penetration within each plank. Easy to clean and revitalize if required, it enhances the natural look of the wood.

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