Feel the difference with our range of textures.

  • Normal

    Regular pre-varnished wood floor texture.

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  • Brushed

    The Brushed texture accentuates the grain and texture of the wood, and also makes it very resistant.

    25 products available More details
  • Open Grain

    Natural wood grain at its best, for an antique floor texture.

    26 products available More details
  • Edge

    Look of a well worn floor, with years of life built in to it, combined with the reliability of a modern floor. Randomized saw and distressed marks on most floorboards are combined with various irregularities to create a natural effect.

    15 products available More details
  • Wave

    Wood with wavy texture,for a striking effect, like being reworked numerous times by a craftsman.

    13 products available More details

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