Confident that its hardwood floors are in a league of their own, Preverco does not hesitate to provide them with exceptional protection: a 35-year warranty on all residential flooring covered with the SIGMA™ finish.


The most durable protection.

By tightly controlling every stage of the hardwood floor manufacturing process, from wood selection to finishing, Preverco managed to create an innovative product: SIGMATM Protection, the most durable finish on the market with a number of benefits.

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smoothness and clarity

  • Offers a satin surface
  • Unique multicoat finishing process, with hardened and micro-sanded coats

wear resistance

  • Ensures high wear resistance
  • Exceptional hardness thanks to the unique finishing process and the addition of aluminum oxide and nanoparticles

uv resistance

  • Delays the onset of photochemical degradation and yellowing, as confirmed by QUV lab tests

ultra-fresh antimicrobial protection

  • Prevents mildew formation and bacterial growth
  • Makes floors easier to maintain

AIR quality

  • Is free of toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

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