Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Our environmental philosophy is simple: use materials wisely, without waste.

We encourage environmentally friendly forest management practices and do business only with companies that promote selective logging and forest regeneration. Wood waste generated by our company is recycled by various other industries. Also, all our products and their components meet the CARB phase 2 requirements and comply with the US Lacey Act.

Preverco environmentally friendly

Preverco is a proud partner of government agencies that share our objectives:

CARB 2 compliant

 All Preverco SolidClassic and Engineered products are in full compliance with Phase 2 of CARB 93120 certification and meet the California Air Resource Board’s airborne toxic control measure to reduce formaldehyde emissions. They also respect the U.S. Lacey Act which is one of the world’s primary legislative examples of wildlife preservation and forest conservation. For more informations go to the Environmental Investigation Agency website.

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