Rigorous quality
Rigorous quality


Anything worth doing is worth doing well. At Preverco, we apply this ethos to every stage of hardwood floor production. Our rigorous manufacturing process is the basis of our superior products. Specific pre-established standards are applied at every stage of the manufacturing process. At Preverco, visual appearance is just as important as technical accomplishment. To be certain that all products meet our criteria, we subject them to a series of tests and treatments that ensure the best possible quality. Here are some examples of our rigorous quality control measures:


  • Each piece of wood is carefully checked and passed through a unit that corrects any deficiencies.
  • Before the final drying process, we ensure that each board has the same moisture level. This reduces the risk of splintering during the final drying stage.
  • Our warehouses are kept at a constant temperature and humidity levels to avoid any imperfections in the wood.

Our process includes several other measures, which ensure that if any imperfections are found in a piece of wood, it is immediately discarded. This means that your products are always of the highest possible quality.

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