Simplified purchasing experience

Preverco guides you through your project to make sure you get the best results. To make your purchase easier, we’ve simplified our product descriptions so you can quickly find the floor that’s right for you. We know that buying a floor can be a complex process, with lots of technical terms that ultimately don’t mean that much. That’s why we describe our products using terms that you can understand—our new vocabulary only uses clear and precise language. In addition, at every stage of product selection, our “Guide Me” tool can help you make the right decision.


Our choice of six platforms allows you to install Preverco products anywhere in your home. From the basement to the upper floors, we have technologies adapted to your needs.
SolidClassic,  SolidGenius, Engenius,  PreLoc,  SolidFlex,  HD PreLoc


A wide variety of wood species allows you to choose the ideal wood for your decor.
 White OakWhite Oak RQRed OakHard MapleAshHickoryYellow BirchWalnutSapele


A range of finishes to make your floor shine.
OiledMat (10°)Semi-lustre (40°)PRO


Choose between four unique styles: classic, country, contemporary and eclectic. Four different ways to find the perfect floor.


Four appearances to satisfy every desire. Take a closer look and find the one that suits you. Pure, Nuance, Nuance XL, Variation & Variation with knots or PRO: the choice is yours.
Pure,  Nuance, Nuance XLVariationVariation with knotsPRO


You’ll love our visible wood grain floors, which are pleasing to look at and touch. Feel the difference with a brushed, Wave, Edge or Open Grain texture.
NormalBrushedWave,  EdgeOpen Grain

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